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Release fromPetrosucre S.A. NabarimaTanker Case

Saturday, 05 September 2020

Both technicians and qualified staff informed that Nabarimatanker does not represent any harm tothearea.

Paria Gulf.- During last weeks, several misinformation has been spread by the media and on web pages and social networks about the conditions of crude oil storage floating unit Nabarima, located in the Paria Gulf. In this respect, Petrosucre S.A. Joint Venture, operating in Western Corocoro Field, informs the national and international community that Nabarima tanker is under optimal safety and operational conditions and does not represent any threat to the ecosystem of the area.

In several occasions, representatives from INEA (Aquatic Space National Institute in English) have inspected the tanker certifying its optimal conditions. Last inspection was performed on August 1 this year, proving that the unit complies with the protocols required by that type of operation in the sea.

Nabarima is another case of fake news, around which politicians and communication companies join to harm the National Oil Industry, apart from using fear by pleading a possible ecologic damage in order to justify the criminal blockade and sanctions from the United States against Venezuela and its main economic activity.

We ask ecologist organizations to verity the truth of the information about Nabarima tanker and urge them not to get involved in smear campaigns orchestrated from abroad. Current images confirm the good conditions of Nabarima tanker.

Petrosucre, S.A. workers count on enough experience, expertise and are engaged with the country to operate this storage unit upon the safety protocols required. We are moved by our love to our Homeland and the duty we have assumed with the Venezuelan People to strengthen their Oil Industry.


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